Introducing SmartBot: Australia’s first AI-powered HR expert information assistant

How would your work change if a trusted HR advisor quickly answered every HR question in real-time? I invite you to find out with SmartBot — The AI-Powered Expert Assistant for HR.

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At Advancer, our goal is to help every Australian business manager or team member be more productive, create greater efficiency and grow their businesses. With HR being such an important part of business and vital to successful growth, it’s important that we can put cost effective and streamlining HR tools in the hands of as many businesses as possible.

In late 2019 just prior to Covid, we initiated the project to construct an “HR copilot and compliance checking system,” consolidating our proprietary HR content into IBM Watson technology. As this was early days, the outputs and reliability had to wait for the 2022 generative AI revolution when new and improved platforms were released. 

Throughout 2023 we set out to build version 2.0 of our 4 year ambition using generative AI and the outcomes have been remarkable: utilising Gen AI, we created an outstanding new HR user experience for Australian businesses. Now, managers and teams can now pose HR questions, explore solutions, and generate workforce implementation plans, role definitions, WFH checklists or board charters and much more.

Today, in our continuous commitment to assisting Australian business professionals in driving value for their companies, we are thrilled to introduce SmartBot, Australia’s first AI-powered expert assistant for HR. 

Every HR Query Addressed

SmartBot empowers busy managers and teams to comprehend, learn, and explore best practices in every HR area. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure AI platform, SmartBot gives users complete access to the Fair Work Act 2009 and soon, all of Advancer’s comprehensive papers, contracts, articles, and tools. SmartBot is devoid of promotional material, ensuring users receive trusted, detailed, and verifiably accurate HR information.

We designed SmartBot to be the HR professional’s ‘always-on’ resource for learning, questioning, and developing HR solutions.

SmartBot can answer queries on hundreds of HR topics, HR technology information, draft role definitions, develop policies, write performance warning letters and provide guidance, case studies and benchmarks. 

SmartBot is a HR Problem-Solving Assistant

Many HR issues are complex and intricate. To simplify problem-solving, SmartBot includes a library of pre-defined “prompts” assisting professionals with topics like hiring, onboarding, performance management, training, and multi-disciplinary subjects such as building a skills matrix, workforce planning, or designing a capability policy.

Enterprise Ready: SmartBot Is Your Company’s Expert Assistant

And there’s more. In the near future, you will be able to integrate your HR policies and internal information into the system. 

Thanks to Microsoft’s architecture, SmartBot will enable users and teams to add their information to the corpus, transforming SmartBot into your company’s in-house HR and employee assistant. In this private workspace, your data and privacy are safeguarded: SmartBot is an enterprise-grade, secure platform pre-trained by Advancer.

“We are just getting started,” said Advancer CEO and Founder, Ceri Jury. 

“This game-changing HR offering will change the way Australian businesses run their HR function and manage their people, enabling any professional to operate like a world-class HR expert in a short period. SmartBot is a supportive, developmental assistant, ready to provide detailed HR answers, real-world examples, and guidance at any time.”

SmartBot is now available for all businesses to use – sign up here

We want to express our gratitude to Microsoft for their partnership and look forward to evolving SmartBot rapidly in the coming months. Anyone interested in experiencing SmartBot can sign up here


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