About us

We're Brisbane HR consultants that use technology to improve the lives of our clients. We partner with them to transform their businesses through a unique blend of HR strategy, consulting audits, technology and consulting work. Our founders and team have extensive experience in scaling and growing global businesses and we want everyone to have the very best people & culture experience too.

Our Purpose

Help every Australian business get HR confident so they can grow.

Our Values

Be Courageous

We dare to disrupt the status quo and & love a challenge.

Embrace Connectivity

We create trust, collaborate & share our knowledge and experiences.

Act with Integrity

We're honest, show respect, and we're transparent.

Be Resilient

We embrace the tough stuff, and won't stop until it's done.

Our Team

Ceri Jury

Founder & CEO
Ceri (BA Hons, CPHR) is the founder of Advancer and also the founder of Advancer’s team dynamics program Five Star Teams. Ceri draws on her experience from roles as an executive director of HR within small, medium and large organisations.

Llew Jury

Llew (BA, GAICD, FIML) is a leading digital & business innovation leader who’s foundered and exited numerous digital businesses over the past 20 years. As an award winning business owner he’s built & developed huge revenue and profit streams for clients throughout Australia and overseas.

Dakota Kenwood

Brand & Marketing
Dakota (BBusMarketing Cand.) is a driven, hardworking, and results-oriented brand and marketing professional. She is passionate about innovative and creative marketing communication materials that build unique branding and social media messages.

Our Clients

We partner with every client to give them the very best opportunities for business and people growth. From the first meeting we’re entirely customer focused and ensure we look at the long term gains through our unique approach. Here’s a snapshot of client’s we’ve partnered with over the past 5 years.

HR Audit, Consulting & Compliance

Efex is a fast growing company whose workforce is comprised of staff from several smaller companies, each with their own suite of contracts, policies and frameworks. Advancer worked closely with Efex HR staff to audit all the elements of the employee relationship to ensure compliance with Australian federal and state legislation.
Upon completion of the audit, Advancer consultants recommended that a number updates were required including the development and implementation of new employment contracts, policies and procedures for a range of HR processes including Workplace Health and Safety,  Harassment, Grievance Management and leave management. 
To promote employee knowledge and education Advancer developed a comprehensive training package designed to be delivered by internal resources and ensured that the package was customizable so that it could also be used as an onboarding and induction tool into the future.
The Advancer team worked with key resources throughout the project to ensure knowledge was transferred into the client organisation.

HR Performance Management Consulting

Advancer HR & performance management consultants worked closely with Brisbane Marketing’s HR Manager to embed the newly developed “Brisbane Marketing Way”. This people focused strategy and documentation outlines Brisbane Marketing’s values and behaviour expectations into the performance management process of the staff and management.

Advancer’s consulting involved a review of current Brisbane Marketing HR and performance framework practices and methodologies, development of new ones and recommendations for a change in business process to more effectively manage the process in the future.

HR Consulting & Strategy Workshops

Advancer consulted with DoseMe in Brisbane and facilitated innovation sessions, automation and strategic HR workshops that looked at the ways to enhance their people and culture opportunities through the streamlining of technology automation. This was in consideration of DoseMe’s rapid international business growth and expansion in mind.

Our digital and strategy consultants worked closely with the DoseMe leadership team reviewing their strategic growth plans, digital plans, technology stack and marketing vision.

We then engaged with the DoseMe staff through workshops, one-on-one consulting sessions and online surveys for in-depth consulting and analysis.

The Advancer team developed a customised report on future culture and technology platform integration opportunities that will enhance DoseMe’s collaboration and business growth internationally. The report’s recommendations included the implementation of carefully chosen technology and automation platform software for employee engagement and customer relationship management.

For the CRM component, Advancer recommended a change across to SalesForce.com and for automation and integration of systems and platforms.

HR & Workforce Planning, Strategy & Consulting

Advancer provided high level human resources strategy and advice to the executive team in West Moreton Hospital and Health Service on a range of initiatives designed to improve employee engagement across the Queensland heath system.

The Advancer team redesigned the recruitment process including reviewing governance protocols and business processes to streamline the experience for candidates, decreasing the time and complexity of the process.  Wide ranging consultation involving key stakeholders enabled the development and implementation of a new process on time and on budget.  Workshops and training sessions developed and facilitated by our team ensured the project was implemented successfully.

The Advancer team worked with key stakeholders to develop a strategic workforce plan designed to ensure the health service could attract and retain the workforce required to meet service delivery models into the future.  The plan comprised data analysis, scenario planning, and leadership and capability frameworks.

Advancer also worked with key stakeholders to develop a clinician and employee engagement strategy, lead a culture change process in a critical business unit and coached and mentored individuals through complex change periods.

HR Audit, Processes & Contracts

Advancer was brought into Valiant to conduct an audit of their HR documents and processes.  Valiant have a diverse workforce employed under several different employment mechanisms and across multiple states.
To streamline the process Advancer set up a tech- based system that enabled the client and the advancer consultant to upload data, make changes to documents and have real time visibility to the audit results which permitted the client to see any risk factors associated with their audit immediately rather than waiting for the final report.
Upon completion of the audit, Advancer consultants worked collaboratively with Valiant staff to undertake work such as employment contract redevelopment and policy development in a manner that enabled internal staff to maintain ownership of the work with expert input for key components that required specialised knowledge.

HR Culture Consulting

In response to their staff opinion survey, Advancer consulted to yourtown in Brisbane and Sydney to run a process through which individuals could provide further feedback on the culture in their work environments.

Advancer consultants facilitated workshops, engaged with staff over the phone and developed online feedback channels to gather sensitive information. The feedback resulted in a tailored report outlining opportunities, challenges and recommendations for executive consideration whilst maintaining confidentiality for those who requested it.

Business & Digital Strategy Workshops

Advancer consulted to leading optometry membership group Optometry Australia in Melbourne, as lead facilitator during their strategic website and digital innovation consulting phase. A stakeholder workshop coordinated by Advancer staff and was the key part of defining the digital and web requirements of this federated organisation.

The workshop preparation was conducted through video conferencing and stakeholders were thoroughly engaged and included in a questionnaire that asked for direct feedback on new functionality for a OA new website.

Melbourne workshop

The Melbourne workshop included participants and OA leaders from around Australia. Our principal digital strategy consultant facilitated the day and ran the workshop agenda, ensuring all stakeholders were engaged and OA leadership received quality feedback and advice from the event.

Outcome – Customised report

The Advancer team then developed a customised report including the future recommendations and business requirements of the OA website, the key stakeholders to be engaged, how it met the OA vision & strategy and some important technology and HR engagement areas for OA’s ongoing digital success.

Scaleup Consulting & Strategy

Advancer partnered with the Moovosity team who’s mission was to cure childhood obesity in children. Advancer consultants worked closely with the founders providing start up mentoring and advice, capital raising planning and advice, marketing and digital strategy including customer journey workshops with Reload Consulting and business acceleration advice. Our consultants also provided phone advice and carried out detailed innovation and strategy workshops for the founders and key stakeholders.

Advancer then worked with the Moovoisty team to build a brief and then select a mobile app development partner who build the minimum viable product in order to go to a capital raise. This process was led by Advancer’s advice and experience in developing apps over the past 22 years.

Advancer consultants also advised on Moovosity’s information memorandum (IM) that was designed to seek funding capital nationally and internationally.

Client Testimonial

"The auditing process with Advancer was super easy. Within a short amount of time it was clearly outlined to us exactly what we needed to ensure compliance. Ceri took the time to understand our industry and how we did business, which meant when it came time to develop new contracts and policies, they aligned perfectly with our culture and vision. Ceri is always available to provide advice and chat about any queries that arise. I personally have learnt a lot from working with Ceri and would have no hesitation recommending Advancer to other businesses."
Laura Case
HR Manager @ Efex