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Have staff about to work from home? Here’s an important checklist to ensure you’re covered.

Have staff about to work from home? Here’s an important checklist to ensure you’re covered.   It looks highly likely we’ll be all working from home (WFH) shortly. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their staff regardless … Read More

HR Compliance: Do they really not know or just don’t care?

HR Compliance: Do they really not know or just don’t care? We have seen an increasing number of Australia businesses either fall on their swords (or probably more accurately being pushed off the gang plank) and admitting they have underpaid … Read More


Over the past three months, we have transformed Advancer from an HR services business to!  We’re now technology-powered and have built the first features of our new SaaS platform, an HR Audit & Compliance tool that’s specifically designed for Australian … Read More

What are high performance teams?

What are high performance teams?  – Ceri: A team is defined by a group of one or more people with shared goals and objectives, a high performance team is made up of individuals who are highly focussed, highly skilled and highly … Read More

Maintaining culture during rapid growth

Business growth spurts are a great time but also sometimes pretty scary for many business owners. It means the business is doing well, there’s exciting new opportunities for staff, and increased opportunities for your customers. However, growth can also throw … Read More

Customer Service Automation Event

Chatbots are becoming an increasingly useful and important way to manage a business’s enquiries and are predicted to dramatically alter the customer service landscape in the coming years. From ordering a takeaway meal, to checking availability for a dentist appointment, chatbots … Read More

Three steps to make the best scale up staff hires

When a business that’s scaling decides to make a new hire, it’s usually because the existing team is at breaking point. Normally something has to give to keep the existing work relationships in tact. Planning for this event in advance … Read More

RCL Accelerator Team Offsite Facilitation

Advancer was lucky to be part of the Muru-D  River City Labs Accelerator BNE4 cohort’s recent offsite at Reflections on Lake Cooby near Toowoomba. Two growth sessions were run by Advancer’s founders that focussed on rapid business growth planning and team roles … Read More

Advancer’s free growth event – April 2018

Advancer is partnering with 12HIGH on Tuesday 17th April 2018 for a once off and free growth event at River City Labs, Fortitude Valley. Called “Disrupting your business for growth”, the event sees Llew Jury from Advancer and Nathan Bush from 12HIGH talking … Read More

Advancer is now Belbin Team Roles accredited

Advancer has recently become Belbin Team Roles accredited. Belbin is one of the world’s leading team building methodologies and Advancer can partner with you to build high performance teams. Belbin have identified nine different behaviours that individuals display in the … Read More