Over the past three months, we have transformed Advancer from an HR services business to! 

We’re now technology-powered and have built the first features of our new SaaS platform, an HR Audit & Compliance tool that’s specifically designed for Australian businesses to Get HR confident.

We have plenty of awesome product development features and plans in the works for that will see machine learning, NLP and AI solving age-old HR problems that all businesses face. 

We’ll still be offering the great HR consulting services that we’ve always done, however this time it’s in conjunction with our platform that will empower our clients and their teams. This will also greatly assist our HR consulting team to offer even better customer outcomes for their people & HR functions. 

Founder Ceri Jury is now CEO of and will head up the sales and people and culture functions. Director Llew Jury will oversee the product development roadmap and they’ll be supported by the Advancer team with Dakota Kenwood in charge of Brand & Marketing.

We’re excited to bring to the Australian market of over 2 Million SME’s, Enterprise and Government departments and you’ll see plenty of engaging content and news/views out there showcasing!

Thanks for your support and let’s ensure all Australian businesses Get HR Confident! See for more.

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