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Build Five Star Teams with Advancer!

We’ve been helping business owners to build great teams using our customisable team building programs that are designed to establish a high-performance culture in every organisation. 

The Advancer Five Star Teams program comprises of five high-performance HR team building pillars, each developed to enable employee and team growth and development.

The Five Star Teams workshops are custom designed to suit every client and employee need with tailored action learning activities undertaken that align to your specific business growth requirements.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the whole program from Advancer’s experienced HR consultants will ensure your people are supported in their ongoing professional and personal development. 

Five Star Teams uses the right HR technology to develop the best from your people.

An important part of the Five Star Teams program is using HR tools to better understand how people behave in the workplace and what roles they are best suited to in a team environment. Armed with knowledge about their strengths and allowable weaknesses, team members can fulfil their potential and teams can bring the right people in at the right times.

Once the roles are identified and understood, Advancer takes teams through an action-oriented five-step process that will establish the foundational language, process and behaviours, build resilience in individuals and teams, enabling businesses to manage the complex dynamics of change and uncertainty so many of us face today.

Advancer uses Belbin Team Roles as the preferred team behaviour toolkit as it’s suited to companies scaling and growing and organisations that value team behaviour over personality testing. Advancer are qualified Belbin practitioners.

Five high-performance team growth pillars designed for team growth.

1 – UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF & OTHERS: Using Belbin team roles we’ll help your team to identify individual strengths and their allowable weaknesses plus understand how teams can work better together.

2 – PURPOSE & ALIGNMENT: You’ll set the baseline by ensuring people understand their role in the group and are aligned to the organisational goals, values and mission.

3 – CREATIVITY & COMMUNICATION: Establish appropriate communication platforms to manage any potential conflict and establish the right environment for creativity to flourish.

4 – WINNING & LEARNING: You’ll create the understanding in how the team wins, what winning looks like, how it’s measured and how continual learning scales a business for success.

5 – ACCOUNTABILITY & COLLABORATION: We’ll help to develop a robust and resilient team that holds each other accountable for their actions and can handle anything thrown at it.

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