RCL Accelerator Team Offsite Facilitation

Advancer was lucky to be part of the Muru-D  River City Labs Accelerator BNE4 cohort’s recent offsite at Reflections on Lake Cooby near Toowoomba.

Two growth sessions were run by Advancer’s founders that focussed on rapid business growth planning and team roles and staff scale knowledge.

Advancer Director Llew Jury who’s also the entrepreneur in residence for BNE4, kicked off a business growth workshop that covered product market fit, customer journeys, personas and sale tactics. The twenty participants were asked to partner up and their other cohort members had to ratify each teams product so that it solved a globally scalable problem. The teams were then asked to develop five key questions they’ll ask future customers and three customer personas that brought plenty of personality into the session. Finally they were asked to come up with one amazing sales hustle tactic that will demonstrate their start up’s unique value to show how they’ll be different in market.

After lunch the teams reassembled and worked with Advancer Director Ceri Jury in a dynamic session that covered “how to build great teams” through the Belbin team roles model. This engaging session saw the teams learn the nine Belbin team roles and they each identified their main behavioural strengths and allowable weaknesses. Each of these was placed on a BNE4 cohort board so that they can help each other during their six months in the forthcoming accelerator program. Finally the teams worked on what team roles they might be missing in their start ups and what will be the next three hires in their businesses based on the team roles framework.

A highly rewarding and exciting day for all the teams and also Advancer’s facilitators. It looks like BNE4 will be a great cohort that will be ready to tackle the fast pace of scaling globally over the next six months.

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